Kiriya - Impressionistic, Thai Art of Spa

Undulating curved walls and exotic lighting beckon guests into “Kiriya” Spa, a time and place where local dwellers and their guests took recess from the excitement of the city. Be transported back to Bangkok of decades ago to relax and enjoy indulgent treatments that were inspired by Thai Dance forms and the use of local herbs and spices from across the Kingdom of Thailand.

Thai Dance forms from various regions of the country are reflected in “Kiriya” Let the touch of each dance play upon your heart as the movement on your body and stimulate different responses that uniquely attend to your therapy needs and preferences.

“Kiriya” Spa opens daily at 10.00 – 22.00 hrs.

Spa Package


Signature Massage

Hot Seashell Massage

Our trained therapist employs a hot seashell compress to roll away muscle tension. Then our special massage technique adapted from ‘Hooloo Vahi’, a traditional southern Thailand performance art stimulates circulation and reawaken your senses. In the background the soothing sound of the waves and the energizing power of the ocean summons a deep calm from within you.

Bamboo Massage

To the evanescent rhythms of Isan country music, our therapist combines elegant hand gestures with rolling pressure applied via freshly cut bamboo to create a rejuvenating massage that brings your whole body to life and makes your skin feel like it is dancing.

Calm Massage

This nurturing aromatic massage is inspired by the rolling hills of Thailand’s green northern valleys. Long calming strokes enhance circulation, creating a sense of deep relaxation, while the fragrance of fresh pine, olive and neroli and the calming rhythms of wind chimes and small bells help awaken the senses.

Thai Massage

Using point pressure to stimulate the body nerve meridians and stretching techniques to create passive yoga postures, Thai massage relieves muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation and invigorates the body, mind and soul. This oil-free massage is especially recommended for those who prefer a forceful massage.

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